"In the sweetness of friendship let there be a laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things heart finds it morning and is refreshed".

Dawn of the enjoyment begins... we had a nice discussion on what topic we have to work on in the magazine. Each and every one contributed their opinion. The points which they put forth were of varying nature. Some of them focused on consumerism, some focused on biodiversity, and one on technology.  We had fun in choosing the topic the finally stands on a single one. Then we all here dispersed and got ready to go to kareems hotel to have lunch... we travels in delhi metro and reached chawari bazaar. we had lot of fun in that hotel.. Only a few opts for veg items and rest of them had non-veg items.. We had kababs, pulao, briyani, panner tikka etc. Then we went to India's largest masjid- jamma masjid,.by the way, we separated into two groups. one group went for shopping and the other goes to visit Red fort.. we all were very interactive.But we missed some of our friends at that moment. Then we all reached the hostel by 7.30 pm and had dinner.After that some played  cards here. some  were busy in browsing. With the sweet  memories, our day ends...

By - k.Nafeel Ahamed