A little boy wakes up every morning, ties his turban flawlessly and leaves in a tractor to the local Gurudwara. Serving chapattis and dal, offering water he narrates his story of how he decided to dedicate his entire life to langars, slowly the movie progressed... ‘GUR PRASAD: THE GRACE OF FOOD’, a film by Meera Deewan was screened today. It revolved around how people all over Punjab serve at gurudwaras and in langars to contribute a bit to the community. After the movie there was a heavy discussion about how things have changed and how people suffer from food crisis. Also there was a debatable issue that arose on the topic of whether services like langars make people lazy or not. I personally feel that such kind of community services are a way of bringing people close and providing them a platform to talk about their problems.

After lunch we had a lecture on ‘RIGHT TO FOOD’ by Mr. Biraj Patnaik. His talk was about the rights of a common man. We were asked to research the fundamental rights and directive principles of India. He shared his experiences on how people are trying to live without food. He also commented on the irony of how India is progressing in terms of respect for women; discrimination and caste.

The discussion of the right to food was continued by Mr. Chandra Bhushan and we finally came to a conclusion that right to food should be implemented only where there is a real need. Finally Mr. Chandra Bhushan’s session concluded with him speaking about how the private and public sector in India should work together for the overall growth and development of the country.

Today being the World Environment Day, themed THINK. EAT. SAVE., was perfectly highlighted in our classroom (discussion).

By - Netra Bhandari