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Blog Posts by author Sunita Narain

Director General of CSE and publisher of Down To Earth, an environmentalist pushing for changes in policies and  practices and mindsets. More>>

16 December 2016

This year, more than ever before, has been tumultuous, both in terms economic politics and nature’s art

1 December 2016

Trump's election reflects the anger of the rich who did not get richer. This inequity is also at the core of the climate change challenge

What does the ascension of Donald Trump to US presidency mean for climate change? Also, what does Trump mean for our inter-connected and by now highly globalised world?

18 November 2016

Why is it we cannot get our act together to implement actions against air pollution? 

1 November 2016

In countries like India, informal business is the existing order of the day

15 October 2016

A subtle marketing drive is changing our food habits and we do not even know it

1 October 2016

The gross mismanagement of our city’s environment is making us sick

15 September 2016

Gopichand is a national hero because he is the only Indian sportsperson who has publicly shunned endorsing soft drinks

1 September 2016

Floods are destroying vast parts of the country because of how we have mismanaged our floodplains

16 August 2016

Getting the AC maths right is the real energy game-changer

1 August 2016

A model where small producers engage in a large-scale economic activity is an important model in the development laboratory of India

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