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Waiting for the Bus Paying for Mobility in Our Cities

1. Why buses?
Buses will play a crucial role in the mobility transition in the big and medium rung cities. Cities need well managed, well organised modern buses that deliver efficient public transport services at affordable rates.
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Diwali, 2012

Pollution caused from Diwali Crackers

Health Implications

Fact Sheet 2: Health Implications

CNG programme in India: The future challenges

With a large number of Indian cities embarking on natural gas vehicle programme it is essential that the elements of these programmes are well defined for maximum environmental and public health gains. It is important that the lessons are drawn from the well established programmes in the region to chart the future course.

Centre asks cities to benchmark their urban transportation services

The Union ministry of urban development has evolved a system for evaluating urban transportation services in cities across India.


Tracking action on sustainable mobility in Indian cities

Nascent policy action has begun in some small and big cities of India to move away from car centric development.

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