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Rain Centres

India's second Raincentre comes up in Meerut

The second raincentre in India has been launched in Meerut on 25 July, 2004. CSE collaborated with Janhit Foundation, a Meerut based NGO to set up this centre which features different aspects and techniques of traditional and modern rainwater harvesting.

Rain centre at Sayla (Gujarat)

The Sayla Rain centre is located in Surendra Nagar, a drought prone district of North Gujarat. Scanty and uncertain rainfall make livelihood difficult for local people including agricultural activities. Even availability of drinking water remains a major issue for people. The rain center houses information in the form of panels, working models, artificial rainfall, water quality testing laboratory. It is actually a rural knowledge resource center on rainwater harvesting and water management and provides information on how rainfall can be harvested in semi arid condition.

India's fourth Raincentre comes up in Burdwan (West Bengal)

The fourth rain centre of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) established in Burdwan was inaugurated by Shri Nirupam Sen, Minister-in-Charge of Industry and Commerce, Industrial Reconstruction and Planning and Development of the West Bengal Government on February 7, 2009.

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