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The report of the Tiger Task Force

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EIA analysis of a multi project Special Economic Zone

The proposed project is the development of a Multi product special economical zone (MPSEZ) and a Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) proposed by M/s Sri City Pvt. Limited, Mr. Ravi Kanth from Hyderabad based NGO called Prakriti on behalf of the local communities of Andhra Pradesh has requested Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) to technically evaluate the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) document of:

  1. Development of a Multi product special economical zone (MPSEZ) and a Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) in an area of 2185 ha.

CSE Lab Report: Phthalates in Toys

Delhi NGO Centre for Science and Environment tested 24 toy samples of major brands for the presence of phthalates. In October 2008, it randomly purchased toy samples from markets in Delhi. Fifteen were soft toys and nine hard toys made in four countries. Tests showed all samples contained one or more phthalates— DEHP, DINP, DBP ( di-n-butyl phthalate) and BBP (benzyl butyl phthalate), all harmful—in varying concentrations.


bhopal judgement

First trial of Bhopal gas accident takes place in US Court for Southern District of New York where Justice Keenan rejets plea by Bhopal gas victims for hearing. Directs Union Carbide to submit to jurisdiction of Indian courts.

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India's Supreme Court facilitates USD 470 million settlement between Union Carbide Corp. and Government of India for compensating victims of Bhopal gas tragedy. Court terminates all civil and criminal cases against Union Carbide officials.


Supreme Court rejects plea for review of USD 470 million settlement between Indian government and Union Carbide. Reinstates criminal proceedings against UCC Chairman and officials.

Born Into Hell

Centre for Science and Environment’s Pollution Monitoring Lab (PML) tested water and soil samples from in and around the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) factory for the presence of toxic chemicals

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