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EIA analysis of VISA Greenfield Integrated Steel Plant

A representative from Ekta Parishad, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) working in the state of Chattisgarh on various social and environmental issues requested us on behalf of the local communities and NGOs of Kashipur Block in Raygada district of Orissa to technically evaluate the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) document of  M/s Visa Steel Limited proposing a Greenfield Integrated Steel plant near Kotarlia, Kotmar and Patrapali villages, Raigarh district of Chattisgarh state.

EIA analysis of expansion of a sponge iron cum thermal power plant

An expansion of existing plant to produce 97,000 TPA of MS Billets and 65 MW of Power Generation is being proposed by M/s Salasar Steel and Power Limited. 

Choc-A-Block: Parking Measures to Address Mobility Crisis

Global experience bears out that parking management is one of the most powerful instruments to reduce travel by personal vehicles that also influences commuting choices in favour of public transport.


Strengthening Institutions for Sustainable Growth: Country Environmental Analysis

 A report by World Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). It highlights the importance for strengthening institutions for environment management in sustaining and accelerating India's growth performance.

Delhi Bus Corridor: an evaluation

Delhi Bus Corridor:  an evaluation

Dario Hidalgo, PhD, Madhav Pai, MS, EMBARQ,

The WRI Center for Sustainable Transport, Submitted to the Center of Science and the Environment

Laws and Institutions Relating to Environmental Protection in India

Research paper (by U. Sankar) supported in part by World Bank under the India: Environmental management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project. 

Judicial Activism and the environment in India

 A paper (by Pranay Lal and Veena Jha), as part of the UNCTAD/CBS project. 

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in India : Rapid Assessment

This report was prepared in the context of OECD Programme of Environmental Co-operation with Asia and the OECD work on environmental compliance and enforcement in non-member countries. 

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