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CSE welcomes UP decision to ban junk food in schools

Calls for other states to follow suit

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Calls for other states to follow suit

Decentralised wastewater treatment systems

With the increasing urban population, there is a tremendous stress on basic amenities like water and sanitation. Sustainable wastewater management calls for a system where wastewater is regarded as a resource which can be recycled and reused. Both communities and watersheds require an integrated approach which is affordable, adaptable and responsive to local needs.

Aviation and Environment


Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and the fastest growing transportation mode in India.

CSE’s South Asian Media Briefing Workshop on Food Safety and Environmental Toxins

New Delhi, India

March 29-30, 2012

Modern society and its lifestyles have become a favoured hunting ground for all kinds of deadly toxins. Our food is contaminated with an astounding variety of pesticides and additives; our environment is contaminated with pollutants and toxins.

Green - Building Rating: Overrated

Green Rating of Buildings Taking Roots

The idea of green rating of buildings has taken roots in India.




Not-so-serious initiative

A committee constituted by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has issued first-of-its-kind guidelines categorising non-compliance of Environmental Clearance (EC) conditions as serious and not-so-serious. The Ministry of Environment and Forests constituted a committee under the Chairmanship of Shri J.M. Mauskar, Special Secretary to Government of India in 2009 to examine the issues relating to monitoring of projects.

Ashok B Lall Architects and Development Alternatives Group

Architecture by: Ashok B Lall Architects and Development Alternatives Group
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