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Should fat cats guard the cream?

October 25, 2000

Industrialised countries want to monitor their own compliance to the Kyoto Protocol.

LULUCF: Will better science prevail?

November 15, 2000

Despite uncertainties, long drawn negotiations focus on sinks as an option for carbon mitigation.

Compliance: Polluters turned monitors

November 15, 2000

Should potential defaulters get majority representation on a compliance committee?

How stringent will the Kyoto Protocol's compliance system be? What penalty will offenders pay? Who will decide the penalty for causing climate change? Should potential defaulters be represented on the bench, even if they happen to be the richest nations in the world?

Touchy Technology

November 15, 2000

The mention of technology transfer usually results only in a barrage of words at the climate negotiations, as in almost all other environment negotiations. Yet, transfer of environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) from industrialised to developing countries is a commitment under article 4.5 of the climate convention, and an important tool to control carbon dioxide emissions.

Contracting texts to expand emissions

November 15, 2000

Southern proposals on equity mysteriously disappear

The infection that the South must avoid

November 15, 2000

Fungibility? Is it a pasta dish? No. Is it a fungus then? Yes. It is a new fangled mushroom. It grows on a thing called the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). It means that that the Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) once bought from developing countries can be traded, transferred or exchanged. Good business.

Global warming in an unequal world

November 15, 2000

Back to Basics by Anil Agarwal

Negotiating the future

November 15, 2000
We at Equity Watch are probably among the most arrogant people on earth. We are the rich of the South, trying to represent the poor of the South. We still haven't decided whether we should also represent the poor of the North. Perhaps one day we will. But we hope our readers will pardon this arrogance. It is an arrogance with a cause. An attempt to give a voice to the voiceless, a ear to the unheard and an eye to the blinded.

Impacts: The hare and the tortoise

November 17, 2000

Findings on the impact of climate get bleaker while negotiations hobble along

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