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Workshop on Climate Change

Workshop on Climate Change

Wetland Conservation

Wetlands are vital sponges in the city. They prevent flood and recharge groundwater. Along with being an aesthetic entity, they provide social, economic and environmental beneficiaries. They improve the quality of water and also sustain the surrounding diverse flora and fauna (aquatic and wild life habitat). Being rich in nutrients, they provide a diverse and productive ecosystems for the natural environment to survive.

Wetlands have always been critical for Indian cities. Every city gave its land for rain.

National Green Tribunal: A new beginning for environmental cases?

National Green Tribunal or the Environmental Court is not a new concept. Different courts in the country have recommended the establishment of Environmental Court to take up the cases related to environmental degradation. In M.C Mehta vs. Union of India case in 1986, Supreme Court observed that environmental cases involve assessment of scientific data.

SC seeks details on safe export of endosulfan

The Supreme Court on August 5 gave a three week extension to the Joint Committee to submit in its interim report details on the possibility of exports or disposal off the existing stocks of endosulfan.

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