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Climate Change talks

New ADP text circulated to countries. Negotiations to continue till late into the night

Indrajit Bose, Warsaw

It’s day 10 of climate negotiations in Warsaw. Talks under the Ad hoc Working Group on Durban Platform (ADP), tasked to negotiate the global climate deal in 2015, seem to be heading nowhere. 

Doha debates Kyoto Protocol

By: Indrajit Bose
Date: Nov 27, 2012

No market benefits for developed countries that are not part of Kyoto Protocol, developing countries demand

Two issues dominated negotiations under the Kyoto Protocol track or ad hoc working group on Kyoto Protocol  (AWG-KP) on the second day of CoP 18 meeting in Doha, Qatar. One, on the second commitment period of Kyoto Protocol (KP 2), and two, the ambition levels with respect to emissions reduction targets of developed countries.

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