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Down To Earth (DTE)

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Down To Earth (DTE), launched by Centre for Science and Environment in 1992, has been the pioneer environmental magazine in India and continues to remain relevant even after 25 years. We get stories from the ground – research labs, hospitals, farms, forests, villages and even from other countries.

Celebrating ‘vrishti’ (rains)… …and 25 years of India’s leading environment fortnightly

In a rare coming together to mark 25 years of Down To Earth magazine, Manganiar folk musicians from western Rajasthan chime in with India’s top monsoon scientist and Sunita Narain to talk about rains 

India’s agrarian crisis is not new. It has been brewing and growing for many years, says new report

  •  A comprehensive analysis of India’s growing agrarian crisis done by Down To Earth, the New Delhi-based science and environment fortnightly

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