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Rural water programme

UP stands up for groundwater

In what could set a precedent for groundwater regulation across India, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Ground Water Conservation (Protection & Development) Bill, 2010, recently unveiled a draft of the government’s plan to putting a price for water. The UP draft groundwater regulation bill, is the first to address big users of water – the bulk users from commercial and industrial enterprises.

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Delhi water shortages on near horizon
Delhi faces severe water shortages in the next several years due to a lack of alternative water sources, prompting some citizens to push for city-wide self-sufficiency by 2016.

Called the Blue Delhi Programme, the taskforce will be comprised of a cross-section of concerned community members. Committees within the Blue Delhi Programme will focus on education, as well as the implementation and monitoring of programmes on water conservation.

Drinking Water for the Last Person

A programme of capacity building on rural drinking water supply

August – September 2011


Training report on workshops conducted in Uttar Pradesh

March 27 to March 30, 2011

This is a report on workshops conducted for village community members (PRIs, Village


Drinking water for the last person

Training programme for village communities and Panchayat officials

The Department of Drinking Water Supply (DDWS), Ministry of Rural Development, has nominated the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) as a Key Resource Centre by DDWS to undertake activities of research, training and awareness creation.

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Work Overview

The Rural Water Programme works to stimulate the development of policies and strategies for sustainable, participatory and equitable water management in rural India. While the area of water is vast, there is a special focus on drinking water to look at how we can move towards sustained availability of safe and adequate drinking water.

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