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Air Pollution

Air Pollution

CSE evaluation of Volkswagen emissions fraud case and current regulations for emissions control from on-road vehicles has exposed India’s lack of readiness to deal with compromised emissions performance on roads

  • Monitoring of emissions from diesel vehicles is particularly weak. If emissions control system in modern diesel vehicles does not work, it can lead to uncontrolled killer emissions of toxic particulates and nitrogen oxides

CSE exposure monitoring on Diwali finds unacceptably high levels of pollution

CSE exposure monitoring of PM 2.5 on Diwali night found unacceptable levels of pollution people breathe despite a small dip in ambient pollution levels reported by official ambient monitoring systems

Urban Air Quality Challenges and Strategies to Eeduce Emissions From In-use and New Vehicles

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is organising a two days orientation workshop on “urban air quality challenges and strategies to reduce emissions from in-use and new vehicles” in New Delhi on November 16-17, 2015.

This is a specialised workshop designed to help officials in developing key policy and technical interventions required to reduce emissions from in-use and new vehicles in cities.

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Date: November 16-17, 2015

CSE welcomes Supreme Court decision to levy ‘pollution’ charge on trucks entering Delhi. The decision is a big victory in fight against air pollution in Delhi

  • CSE has welcomed Supreme Court (SC) decision to levy an additional charge of Rs 700 on light commercial vehicles and Rs 1,300 on bigger commercial vehicles entering Delhi.  SC will pass this order on Monday.

New CSE survey and study debunks official numbers of trucks entering Delhi

Warns this can lead to gross underestimation of pollution load from trucks and weaken action

CSE condemns misrepresentation of findings of recent CSIR study on diesel and CNG buses

Says it misleads policy action on emissions standards and technology roadmap for CNG and diesel buses in India 

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