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Intern for a Sanitation Project

Duration of Internship : 15th September to  14th December, 2016 (Three months)

Background of project -  

Sanitation remains the most off-track of all Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), with an estimated 2.6 billion people not having access to safe and hygienic toilet facilities that ensure health and dignity. It is now well recognized that not only access to safe sanitation is key for public health, but also access to safe emptying and transportation services for onsite sanitation (OSS) technologies. 

Paid internship for a sanitation project


Duration of Internship

01 August - October 31, 2015 (Three months)

Background of project 

Call for GREEN RATING NETWORK Personnel for Rating of Thermal Power Plants

GREEN RATING NETWORK is a countrywide network of volunteers of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi (CSE). The volunteers are authorized representatives under CSE’s two-decade old Green Rating Project (GRP), which carries out the study of large industrial sectors in the country in order to analyze their environmental performance and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices.

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Why Volunteer?

The present environmental crisis has thrown up a new set of challenges for India and its citizens. Like most developing countries, India needs to seize every opportunity to grow, but do so in a sustainable manner. We cannot follow the highly toxic development model of the West and need to look inward for solutions to our problems. Awareness of these issues is however sorely lacking in the country. By volunteering for the programme you can enrich yourself with a wealth of knowledge and a perspective that will enable you to contribute meaningfully to society and to your profession.

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