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  • Geographical Coordinates: 29°9’0’N , 78°16’0”E

  • Population: 93,297

Bijnor is a city, located in the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. It is located 12 km west to bank of River Ganga and 460 km from the state capital Lucknow and comes under the north-western part of the state. Topographically, the city lies in the Indo-Gangetic plain at an average altitude of 225 meters above the sea level.

Experience Sharing Visit for Faecal Sludge Management and Wastewater Treatment Technologies at PRG, UKZN

Date: 24th January, 2017 to 6th February, 2017

Mr. Bhitush Luthra and Chhavi Sharda from CSE Water Team visited UKZN’s Faecal Waste testing laboratory that is situated in Durban, South Africa in January-February 2017. The visit was organized as part of understanding with UKZN for knowledge and staff exchange.

Aim: To explore areas of collaborations that will help in strengthening the capacities with respect to on-going projects of the water programme and pollution monitoring laboratory

Visit of Hon. Mayor Katihar at CSE office, New Delhi

Date:  April 1th 2017

Venue: CSE office,  New Delhi

Objective of meeting:  To discussed way forward of the Ganga Programme and SFD factsheet presentation

Key Discussion

Planning Meeting with NMCG- National Mission Clean Ganga and CSE

Date :  March 8th  2017

Venue : NMCG office,  Delhi

Objective of meeting:  To discussed outcomes of the Ganga Programme and SFD factsheet presentation

Key Discussion

Discussed the way forward on the Capacity building initiative of ULBs in Ganga basin cities. 


  • Geographical Coordinates: 25°7’48”N, 82°54’E

  • Population: 37, 185


  • Geographical Coordinates: 29°24’0”N , 79°7’12”E

  • Population: 49,132


  • Geographical Coordinates: 23°4’12”N , 88°49’12”E

  • Population: 108,864

Bongaon is city and a municipality in North 24 Parganas district in the state

Bongaon lies in the Ichamati basin of the gangetic alluvial zone of North 24 Paraganas at an average altitude of 7 metres above the sea level.


  • Geographical Coordinates: 22°58’12”N , 88°24’0”E

  • Population: 103,799


  • Geographical Coordinates: 26°07”N , 85°27”E

  • Population: 354,462


  • Geographical Coordinates: 25°32’15”N , 87°33’58”E

  • Population: 240,838

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