We came together from different disciplines; different countries and different
perspectives to focus on one central issue, can our environment survive
with rapid development? After sleepless nights, many cups of steaming chai
and heated discussions we decided, to make this magazine about those
men and women who have answered the tough questions, like How can the
community come together for changing the environment? Is it possible to
change the fate of a community through managing its resources?
“Beacon” was a theme that captured the essence of our sentiment, that
something can be done and there are people to show us the way. In the
quaint village of Laporiya we met the magnetic indigenous engineer
Laxman Singh. A man who brought people from 40 villages to work
together on one vision. He managed to break all socio-economic barriers
and Laporiya today is a village brimming with life and prosperity.

We decided to make this magazine about those men and women who have answered the tough questions

Barawa was once a village with 3% rate of literacy, people remained
unaware of the scope of progress that could be achieved. It was Seva
mandir with its objective of adult education that paved the way for the
Barawa we see today that boasts of a literacy rate of 50%. People are now
self sufficient and knowledgeable about the pertinent issues that affect
them. The same story in the town of Delwara where one organization with
the help of the community, panchayat and Devigarh Heritage hotel instituted
mechanisms to ensure that it develops holistically.

Things turned awry in the toxic infested town of Pali. Here we saw the
issues that we deliberated over in the classroom brought to life. An entire
community was being affected due to the industrial activities of a few. The
community has been waging a battle against this injustice for 35 years. It
was their sheer perseverance, determination and fervor that left a lasting
impression in our minds. This magazine is a collection of those stories
,thoughts and issues that show that small efforts in reality can make a big

Arpitha Upendra
Paras Tyagi

Student's Magazine (2010 - 11)
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