Challenge of the Balance Policies, politics & practices of environmental management in the developing world
(Dec 20, 2010 - Jan 7 2011)

Challenge of the Balance was a course that gave us a birds-eye view of the environmental issues with a special focus on South Asia. Issues of natural resource management and conflict, water and waste management, agriculture and food security, climate change and renewable energy were covered in a series of interactive lectures. Reputed speakers, leaders in their own fields and grass root workers introduced us to the theoretical and realistic aspects of environmental management. The three week course gave us a chance also to explore these issues practically during the week long field trip to Rajasthan.

The participants coming from Vietnam, UK, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India brought in different flavours to the debates allowing for comparison of each country’s policies, culture and cuisine. It was a true international experience where we all learned to live and work together on the issues that interested us. The Challenge of the Balance really pushed us to break the cultural barriers and work as a team. In these three weeks we were able to sharpen our understanding of the politics, economy and justice of the environment. Sharmila Sinha and Aditya Batra have inspired us to take on the cause within our own fields of expertise. It was a mixed bag of fun, intense learning and debate. We all leave from here much more equipped to make a lasting impact.
kanchi kohli
Environmentalism in India
By By Kanchi Kohli

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Conflict Mining
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Battle for Cattle
Water Sharing in South Asia
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Watershed as a Unit of Development
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