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kanchi kohli
Environmentalism in India
By Kanchi Kohli

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ritwick dutta
Tracking Change from Village to Cities
By Anumita Roychowdhury

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sai sucharita sen
Watershed as a Unit of Development
By Sai Sucharita Sen

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tej razdan
Management of Lakes
By Tej Razdan

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monali zeya
Conflict Mining
By Monali Zeya Hazra

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himanshu thakkar
Water Sharing in South Asia
By Himanshu Thakkar

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Urban water-waste connections: A primer on the crisis
By Merajuddin Ahmad

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India's State of the resource: Water
By Romit Sen

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bhaskar goswami
South Asian Agriculture
By Bhaskar Goswami

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richard mahapatra
Ecological Basis of Poverty in India RM
By Richard Mahapatra

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