pdfCourse reading materials for 2010. Download pdf below
Field Trip Laporiya Rajasthan
Laporiya: Dudu block, Dist. Jaipur [Presentation]
Relying on Old Sources
Paani Yatra

Towards Community-based Rainwater Harvesting: Some Conceptual and Policy Issues

Making Water Everybody's Business
A Languishing Legacy
• EIA From Impact Assessment to Clearance Manufacture
• Environmental Decision-making: Whose Agenda?
• Calling the Bluff (cover)

[Students case study Presentation]

Alternative Energy

• Rural Electrification Through Renewables in India

• Renewable Energy scenario in Nepal

• Vietnam Policies for renewable energy development

• Position taken by our country in Cancun

Forestry and REDD

• Forest of Nepal

Environmental Governance
• A brief history of British forestry

• Environmental Governance and it’s development in Nepal.
• Environmental Governance in Viet Nam

CSE Readings
Inaugural Session
Leap Frog Factor Delhi

Study on traffic and transportationpolicies and strategies in urban areas in India by Wilbur Smith)
• 2008 K R Narayanan Oration
• Forests and Livelihood
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NRGA)
Renewables Global Status Report 2009
Towards green villages
• Policy Support for Grid Interactive Renewable Power
Definition and Sources of Wastewater
GlobalWarming Book

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