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New Delhi, May 26, 2016
CSE welcomes bread industry decision to voluntarily withdraw use of potassium bromate and potassium iodate in bread-making
This will significantly reduce risk and safeguard public health


New Delhi, May 25, 2016
CSE Note: Indian standards on potassium bromate and/or potassium iodate in bread


New Delhi, May 24, 2016
Bread study aftermath: CSE welcomes FSSAI action
CSE welcomes announcement made by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to ban use of potassium bromate in bread


New Delhi, May 23, 2016
What's in our bread?
Bread industry uses potassium bromate and potassium iodate, substances that are banned in many countries, but not in India; Indian regulators must act immediately and ban them


A bite of cancer?
A CSE study has found residues of potassium bromate and/or iodate in many types of bread. The additives have been banned by many countries for their potentially adverse health effects

Potassium Bromate or Potassium Iodate in Bread
Potassium Bromate/Iodate in Bread and Bakery Products
Company responses to CSE, products of which were found positive for potassium bromate/ potassium iodate by PML, provided over email
Moneycontrol | May 24, 2016
FSSAI to remove potassium bromate from food additives list
Jagran Post | May 24, 2016
Take a note! Your daily bread may lead to cancer
ABP Live | May 24, 2016
SHOCKER: The bread you eat can cause cancer, says CSE study
News World India | May 23, 2016
Alert! Eating Breads, Buns Can Cause Cancer
India TV | May 24, 2016
Study claims bread in Delhi has cancer-causing chemicals; J P Nadda assures action
Quint| May 24, 2016
If You Thought Multigrain Bread Was Healthy, Think Again
Webindia | May 24, 2016
Several famous brands of pizza, sandwich, breads sold in Delhi contain cancer causing elements: CSE
American Bazaar Online | May 24, 2016
Most bread, pizza, burger, buns in India have carcinogens in them: Report
Business Line | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Are carcinogens lurking in your bread?
Business Standard | Delhi | May 24, 2016
KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino's, McDonald's outlets selling toxic breads: CSE study
Business Standard | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Doctors, nutritionists advocate stricter regulation of bakery items
Daily Mail | May 24, 2016
found to contain cancer-causing chemicals
DNA | May 24, 2016
Cancer-causing chemicals found in top bread brands: CSE, Health ministry Breads from Pizza Hut too were tested
DNA | May 24, 2016
Popular breads laced with possible carcinogens, industry denies their use
Economic Times| Delhi | May 24, 2016
Study finds cancer-causing chemicals in Delhi bread
Hindu | Delhi | May 24, 2016
FSSAI steps in; potassium bromate under the lens
Hindu | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Industry calls CSE report baseless
Hindu | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Is your sandwich safe enough?
Hindustan Times | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Breads you eat every day contain cancer-causing chemicals: Study
Zee News | May 24, 2016
FSSAI to remove potassium bromate from food additives list
Deccan Herald | May 24, 2016
The bread in your mouth may be toxic, says CSE
Tribune | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Your daily bread may cause cancer, warns study
Deccan Chronicle | May 24, 2016
Watch the bread you eat, cancer-causing chemicals in it, says study
Asian Age | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Bread you eat can cause cancer: CSE
Telegraph | May 24, 2016
Bread too loses innocence
Zee News | May 24, 2016
Beware! Your bread may cause cancer - Chemicals found in pizzas, burgers of seven Delhi fast food outlets
Zee News | May 24, 2016
Potassium bromate, potassium iodate in bread: This is how they can affect your health!
News18 |Delhi | May 24, 2016
CSE Study Claims Breads, Buns Contain Harmful Chemicals
Times of India | Delhi | May 24, 2016
CSE raises red flag on additive in bread, seeks ban citing health risk
Times of India | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Carcinogen in breads: We adhere to rules, say manufacturers
Times of India | Delhi | May 24, 2016
Is your daily bread safe?
Indian Express | May 24, 2016
Breads, pavs, buns and pizza bases contain cancer-causing chemicals, says latest CSE report
India Today | May 23, 2016
Your bread may cause cancer, says CSE study; health ministry orders probe
Dainik Bhaskar | May 23, 2016
Navbharat Times | May 23, 2016
Dainik Bhaskar | Delhi | May 23, 2016
Jagran | May 23, 2016
Bfirst | May 23, 2016
Your daily bread is laced with toxic chemicals, CSE study
May 23, 2016
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