'Excreta Matters' release in Bengaluru | Centre for Science and Environment

'Excreta Matters' release in Bengaluru

Date: June 28, 2012

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has recently released its seventh State of India's Environment titled Excreta Matters. In this report we have analysed the water-sewage situation in 71-cities across India, including Bengaluru, to provide decision makers a detailed description of the problems associated with urban India, and to map where cities get their water and where their waste goes. We believe this understanding is critical to find a sustainable and affordable paradigm of urban growth.

We are launching the report at a workshop in Bangalore on 28th June, 2012 to be held from 9:30 AM till 1 PM at The Capitol Hotel, No 3 Raj Bhavan Road. Arghyam, Bangalore, a philanthropic foundation working on domestic water and sanitation around the country, is supporting and partnering us for this event.

For details, please get in touch with  Bharat Lal Seth, CSE, bharat@cseindia.org, 9717615865


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