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India Glycols Corporate Office

Architecture by: Morphogenesis
Type of building use: Corporate Office
Year of completion:
Built-up area:
391,700 sq ft
Plot size:
13,260 sq m (site area)
Location: Noida
Climatic Zone:
Actual Occupancy:
Not Available
  • Program, Form Optimization, Morphology, and Orientation: Energy Consciousness dictates the internal spatial and programmatic composition through a series of open and semi-open spaces. Instead of an overlay of an environmental layer, Passive design techniques are employed throughout the scheme that take into consideration the importance and relevance of energy conscious design within the modern work culture. The site surroundings and context along with an optimum enclosed square volume enabled a built form with minimum exposed surface area. Solar exclusion is achieved by means of a solid external perimeter with minimum fenestration, which only permits diffused daylight into the office environs.
  • Passive Solar/Shading and Insulation: Shaded Outer façade with air cavity construction, very small slit windows on the outside, courtyards with microclimate controls (shading and mist gardens, water bodies and plantations) all aid in reducing the solar ingress. Green Roofs and terrace gardens also provide a high level of thermal insulation.
  • Courtyards, Terraces and Stepwells: External Spaces are tempered using courtyards and terrace gardens that facilitate thermal insulation. The courtyards help to keep the solar ingress out and control the temperatures of a multitude of spaces throughout the building while also allowing for sufficient day lighting into the workspaces.
  • Evaporative Cooling: Water bodies aid in evaporative cooling thereby reducing dependence on artificial means of cooling and also create a microcosm of the civic environment rich with the potential for social transactions.
  • Daylighting and Ventilation: The reliance on artificial Lighting is substantially reduced as courtyards are used to increase natural light levels on the floor plates. During the day, there is no need for any artificial light which is a result of the narrow 8m floor plate which permits maximum light into the building.
  • Landscaping: Water bodies The water body which is fed by the recycled water from the sewage treatment plant helps in the creation of a microclimate through evaporative cooling. Green spaces and water bodies are designed as per orientation to be in shaded areas in order to lower the water evaporation and aid evaporative cooling. During the night, when the temperature drops, this floor slowly dissipates the heat to the surroundings, keeping the area thermally comfortable.
Corporate Office for India Glycols, Noida
The office design for the corporate office for India Glycols embodies the issues concerning the workplace today, and explores the paradigm of the office space as a social activity. Sited in a non-contextual suburban area of Delhi, the setting, led to the development of an introverted scheme that would address environmental and socio-economic issues from first principles.
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Morphogenesis is recognized globally as one of the leading Architecture firms from India. Founded in 1996, the firm is based out of New Delhi and is a collective offering specialized services in Architecture, Interior design, master planning , Urban design, Landscape design and Environmental design consultancy. At Morphogenesis, we understand that we are working in an environment with limited resources. Hence, design is viewed as a process that is a resultant of different stimuli, ranging from climatic conditions, financial and market forces, globalization, local conditions, prevalent traditions and technologies, and the community. It is this all-inclusive nature of design with a unique focus on passive and low energy architecture that we believe, will define the new emergent Indian architecture.
Actual Energy Performance Index in kWhr/sq.m./year: Not Available
Percentage of A/C and non A/C regularly occupied spaces: Not Available
Owner/User Testimony: Not Available
Awards / Green Rating / Energy :
  • FutureArc Green Leadership Award, Singapore 2011
  • Winner, 20+10+X World Architecture Community Awards, 2010
  • Winner, International Design Awards, 2009
  • Best Learning Building, World Architecture Festival Awards, 2009
  • Cityscape Architectural Review Special Award for Environmental Design, 2007
  • ArchiDesign Awards Best Sustainable/Green Architecture, 2009

Architecture by: Morphogenesis
Structural Design by: Sahni & Associates Limited
Services Design by: Not Available
Project management: Not Available
Contractor: Bhayana builders
Name of the Architectural Practice: Morphogenesis
image Manit Rastogi,
Managing Partner
image Sanjay Bhardwaj,
Senior Partner
image Sonali Rastogi,
Senior Partner
image Vijay Dahiya,

N 85 B, Panchsheel Park
New Delhi 110017
Tel: + 91 11 41828070
Fax: + 91 11 26490351
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  • CSE is organizing a global workshop on SMART and Affordable Monitoring titled “Asia-Africa Regulators Conclave on SMART & Affordable monitoring”, which is scheduled from 5 to 7 February 2018.

    Two of the main factors of sustainable development are air and water quality. Since they are important for basic human needs and development, it is therefore imperative to monitor air and water quality in order to ensure that their quality meet the regulatory standards.

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