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List of Participants

  Year Month  
  2014   August 1- 30     Details of participants  
  2013   August 1- 30     Details of participants  
  2012-13   Dec 17, 2012- Jan 5, 2013     Details of participants  
  2012   August 1 - 30     Details of participants  
      Dec 19, 2011- Jan 6, 2012     Details of participants  
  August 1 - 30     Details of participants  
  Dec. 20,2010 - Jan. 7, 2011     Details of participants  
  2010   July 12-Aug 12     Details of participants  
  2009   March 9 - 30   image   Details of participants  
  2008   March 10 - April 04     Details of participants  
  March 26 - April 20     Details of participants  



  • A two-day training programme on Environmental and Social (E&S) Risk Assessment in Project Financing will be conducted by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India in collaboration with the IIM, Kashipur and the World Bank Group. The training is suitable for banks, financial agencies, financial research institutes and universities. 

  • This interdisciplinary month-long summer certificate course on environment and development issues allows Indian participants to understand and critically evaluate issues that lie at the interface of environment and development- poverty, democracy, equity and justice.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important tool for decisionmakers, regulators and stakeholders to understand the potential impacts (adverse as well as favourable) of the developmental activities on environment and society. EIA is a process to internalize the externalities associated with the project activities and cost for decision—making.

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