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List of Participants

  Year Month  
      July 26, 2013     Orientation workshop on Parking policy  
      July 2, 2013       Orientation Workshop on Clear Air and Sustainable Mobility in Lucknow  
      May 9, 2013       Orientation Workshop on Clear Air and Sustainable Mobility in Guwahati  
      March 22     Details of participant  
      March 19 - 21     Details of participant  
      December 28     Details of participant  
      November 21- 23     Details of participant  
      September 25 – 27     Details of participant  
      August 30 – Sept. 1     Details of participant  
      July 3 – 5, 2012     Details of participants  
      March 27 – 29     Details of participants  
      February 27 – March 1     Details of participants  
      January 31 – February 2          
            Details of participants  
      November 7 - 9          
               Details of participants  
      July 28- 30          
            Details of participants  
      May 18 – 20          
            Details of participants  
      March 22 - 24          
            Details of Participants  
  January 27 – 29     Details of participants  
      November 18 - 20     Details of participants  
      September 21 - 22      Details of participants  
      December 21 - 24     Details of participants »  
   September 16 –19     Details of participants »  



  • Environmental issues like climate change, water availability, pollution, waste generation and disposal are commanding considerable global attention. Industries, as a major user of raw materials and energy and source of pollution and waste generation, have a major role in addressing current and emerging environmental issues.

  • CSE is organizing a global workshop on SMART and Affordable Monitoring titled “Asia-Africa Regulators Conclave on SMART & Affordable monitoring”, which is scheduled from 5 to 7 February 2018.

    Two of the main factors of sustainable development are air and water quality. Since they are important for basic human needs and development, it is therefore imperative to monitor air and water quality in order to ensure that their quality meet the regulatory standards.

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) and Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring System (CEQMS) are mandatory for 17 categories of industries and common pollution treatment facilities in India. Grossly polluting industries also require monitoring and reporting effluent quality on real time basis. In near future, the real time data will become the basis for compliance check.

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