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Media Journalists

As part of an initiative to understand global climate negotiations, for better media reporting about the ongoing discussion at the global forum at the end of every year, a group of 9-10 journalists are taken to the Conference of Parties by CSE. This year, the following journalists are supported by CSE, where
they get to attend sessions, events and negotiations first hand:
Wasfia Jalali, desk editor-reporter
PTI, Delhi
Phone: 9810807154
Meena Menon, deputy bureau chief
The Hindu, Mumbai
Phone: 9820052611
Chetan Chauhan, senior assistant editor
The Hindustan Times, Delhi
Phone: 9810633391
Nitin Sethi, senior assistant editor
The Times of India, Delhi
Pbone: 9811629922
Dinesh Sharma, science editor
Mail Today, Delhi
Phone: 9891118575
Raju Nayak, editor
Lokmat, Goa
Phone: 8888175111
Sudhir Mishra, executive editor
Dainik Bhaskar, Udaipur
Phone: 9610400150
Sidharth Pandey, chief correspondent
NDTV, Delhi
Phone: 9811066660
Jayanta Basu, senior correspondent and columnist
The Telegraph, Kolkata
Phone: 9831120585



COP 18 enforces equity and equitable right to the atmosphere, says Sunita Narain, Director General of CSE
Doha will decide architecture of future climate negotiations, says Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director General of CSE

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Doha: Delhi (for Media)
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Souparno Banerjee  
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Doha Diary

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Xie Zhenhua, head of the Chinese delegation at CoP18, Doha said today that finance is at the core of the issue -- without finance, adaptation and mitigation activities in developing nations cannot happen. There is a good news — discussions with ministers of developed nations are leading to an assurance that new finance could be announced during Doha. Mr Zhenhua refused to take names, as he believes the owner of the good news should be the one to announce it.

Press Release

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Press Release
CSE-MoEF Side Event at CoP 18 Doha
India should walk out of the Doha negotiations if equity is not made a part of the deal, says Sunita Narain in Doha


  The imperative of equity for an effective climate agreement
By: Sunita Narain, director-general, CSE


  US, Equity and the Elephants in the room
Sharing of the common atmospheric space has been at the core of discussions–the elephant in the room that we want to forget. It is what needs to be discussed, says Sunita Narain

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