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Training programme on Sustainable Urban Water Management: Rainwater Harvesting and Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

February 23-26, 2016 at CSE, 38, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi-110062

The water team at CSE, recently organized a training programme on 'Sustainable Urban Water Management' at New Delhi.  The programme combines two trainings namely Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) from 23 to 24, Feb and Decentralised Wastewater Treatment (DWWT) from 25 to 26, Feb. The 4 day training programme included a mix of theory, practical and field visit, supported by state of the art teaching and learning tools and techniques. 

A total of twenty-five participants were trained during both the programmes, consisting of architects, consultants, engineers, entrepreneurs, environmentalist, researcher and students. The participants belonged to academic institutes, government departments, non-government organisations (NGO) and private organisations from India as well as Africa.  Institutes from Africa such as Strategic Research Unit - National Water Research Center, Egypt, Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA). SMEC International, Kenya. Ministry of Infrastructure (Rwanda) and University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa participated in the training as well.

The programme facilitated training and experience sharing on designing of RWH and DWWT systems, along with urban water and wastewater management issues. The programme also covered detailed calculations for planning and implementation of the structures on site. The documentaries titled 'Raincatcher'  in RWH programme  and  ‘Clean Your Act’ in DWWT progarmme  were also screened to showcase successfully implemented case examples, which were largely appreciated

Apart from this there were intermediate exercises to give hands on experience to the participants on planning and designing of practices related to sustainable urban water management.

Key resource speakers for the programme were Dr. Suresh Rohilla (Programme Director, Water Management Unit, CSE), Dr. SK Sharma (Ex. Member, Central Ground Water Board), Vandana Menon (Architect ), Shivali Jainer (Senior Research Associate Centre, CSE), Chhavi Sharda (Senior Research Associate Centre, CSE) and Dr. Chandrashekar Shankar (Director, VEC), who shared their experiences and case studies on sustainable water management systems. 

This was supported with CSE campus site visit to demonstrate RWH and DWWT system at an institutional scale. The knowledge imparted from this helped the participants to understand the entire water management system of the campus and how it could be more sustainable.

The training programme ended with feedback and follow up sessions where Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla discussed about the possible areas of future implementation which can be done by trained participants. Participants appreciated the content, methodology of the training and expressed their interest to implement projects on sustainable water management within their domain. Dr. Rohilla gave welcome remarks and ensured support towards this process from CSE. 

List of participants for Training Programme on Sustainable Urban Water Management: RWH and DWWT 

For more information, kindly contact:

Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Programme Director,
Water Programme, CSE,
New Delhi

Ms. Shivali Jainer, Senior Research Associate,
Water Programme CSE,
New Delhi  

Ms. Chhavi Sharda, Senior Research Associate,
Water Programme CSE,
New Delhi  







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