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Work Overview

The water programme of CSE has evolved to help in establish policy principles, innovative technologies and implementation strategies for water and wastewater management in India. These efforts have been directed towards meeting the twin goals of laying the foundations for a water prudent society and adapting for climate resilience.

CSE has been an important thought-leader in water management sector. It has already influenced global policies and strategies to focus on the need for technologies to augment water resources in a decentralised manner through RWH and to use that water to optimize on benefits. In 2010, CSE started the South Asia Water Programme involving three countries viz. Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Important objectives of the programme include awareness generation about environment and development as well as capacity building of societies to understand and deal the environmental issues. The programme is successfully ongoing since past five years. Though the main aim of the programme was training government and non-government partners, it has diversified to model curriculum development, knowledge support to a regional rain convention and providing technical guidance on the implementation of model projects related to sustainable water management. In December 2013, a meeting was conducted on South Asia Water Programme Partners and Practitioners at New Delhi, India to review the knowledge gained and shortcomings of this programme. This was essentially to decide a way forward for this programme to take the partners to the next level.

We believe this experience needs to be leveraged to share solutions with other countries in the developing world from South America, Africa and Asia that are enjoined in a common struggle to find ways of meeting the needs of urban and rural populations in the current water and wastewater paradigm which are affordable and sustainable.

In coming five years, the Centre would like to build on expanding this work to other regions in the world in particular focusing on select countries in Africa through experience sharing workshops to identify gaps and challenges in urban water management and complement it later by capacity building in the region through tailor made training programmes.

In February and March 2015, the Centre organized India-Africa experience sharing workshops and a training programme on URWH and DWWT and reuse. The purpose of these two events was to understand about status of water and waste water management in African countries. In both the events around 14 countries participated from all across Africa. The invited participants represented various government and non-government institutes providing services and working in water and sanitation management aspects.

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