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Gurgaon city dialogue on Action for Clean Air in Gurgaon: Our City. We Care

The collaborative workshop on Action for Clean Air in Gurgaon: Our City. We Care was a joint initiative of the Artemis Hospital, gurgaon and the New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment. The city dialogue held on December 23, 2014 in Main Auditorium of Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, and was attended by nearly 50 participants.

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Washout in Lima

Centre for Science and Environment says the conference’s decisions will not result in a climate deal in 2015 

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Press conference: CSE monitoring of air pollution at individual level

CSE conducts real time air pollution monitoring with some of the city’s most well known residents 

Aim is to measure how polluted an air are we – each one of us, individually -- actually breathing daily, every hour and minute

Our findings will shock you

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CSE marks 30 years of Bhopal, organises Public Meeting, releases new book
  • Bhopal 2.0 requires government to clean the toxic waste lying in the factory and fix liability. The lesson is that post-Bhopal, India has laws for hazardous waste management and industrial disasters, but no compliance. Which is why we have scores of mini-Bhopals every year
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Mumbai dialogue on green architecture

"Building sense: Beyond the green façade of sustainable habitat"

Building sense|Story|Sustainable Building
The myth of green building

There is no question that India and other parts of the still-under-construction world must build green. The building sector is a major contributor to climate change and local environmental destruction because of construction materials used; energy expended for lighting, heating and cooling; and water consumption and waste discharge. This is the threat. There is an opportunity as well.

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Strengthening Environmental Governance

Regional Roundtable Consultation

Patiala, Punjab:  September 13, 2014

Regional Roundtable Consultation|Regulators Programme|Story
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