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Mumbai dialogue on green architecture

"Building sense: Beyond the green façade of sustainable habitat"

Building sense|Story|Sustainable Building
The myth of green building

There is no question that India and other parts of the still-under-construction world must build green. The building sector is a major contributor to climate change and local environmental destruction because of construction materials used; energy expended for lighting, heating and cooling; and water consumption and waste discharge. This is the threat. There is an opportunity as well.

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Strengthening Environmental Governance

Regional Roundtable Consultation

Patiala, Punjab:  September 13, 2014

Regional Roundtable Consultation|Regulators Programme|Story
Building sense : Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat

India is in a frenzy of construction. Buildings, townships and housing complexes are coming up at break-neck speed – and we’re still not there yet: a staggering two thirds of the buildings that will stand in India in 2030 are yet to be built!

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Building sense|Story|Special Report
CSE dispels recent myths perpetuated by Indian poultry industry on use of antibiotics in chicken
  • Reveals that poultry industry is misleading the public by saying that residues found in Indian chicken are lower than the EU standards. 

Antibiotics in Chicken|Press Release|Food safety and toxins
How smart is a smart city?

Smart is as smart does. The NDA government’s proposal to build 100 “smart” cities will work only if it can reinvent the very idea of urban growth in a country like India. Smart thinking will require the government to not only copy the model cities of the already developed Western world, but also find a new measure of liveability that will work for Indian situation, where the cost of growth is unaffordable for most.

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Building Sense: Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat

Date: September 22-23, 2014

Venue: Jacaranda Hall in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Sustainable Buildings and Habitat|Story|Sustainable Building
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