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Capacity Building

Centre of Excellence (CoE) Trainings (2014-2015/16)

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has designated Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) as a "Centre of Excellence" (CoE) for sustainable water management, under the "Capacity Building of Urban Local Bodies" (CBULB) scheme.

During 2014-15/16, the centre will further develop its portfolio on sustainable urban water management through intensive research and capacity building programmes. The CoE will be conducting residential training programmes, seminar / workshops, exposure visits and research for mainstreaming best management practices aimed at sustainable urban water management in urban local bodies under the following new key themes: (1) Septage Management (2) Urban Lake Management (3) Water Sensitive Design and Planning (4) Green Infrastructure and (5) Water Efficiency and Conservation.


Water Sensitive Design
and Planning- Towards Sustainable Urban Development
and planning
Septage Management-Towards City Wide Sanitation Urban Lake Management: Towards Water and Environment Sustainability

National field Exposure Visit on Sustainable Water Management - Best Management Practices RWH and DWWTs Training Programmes (2009-2011)

Workshops and Seminars  



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