Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests Side Event, CoP18, Doha, Qatar | Centre for Science and Environment

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests Side Event, CoP18, Doha, Qatar

Equity and ADP: How equity should become an integral part of the ADP negotiation

Date and time: Wednesday, December 5, 2012; 4.45-6.15 PM

Venue: Side Event Room 4

equtiyDurban’s decision on a new agreement in 2015 fails to explicitly take note of equity, but it was agreed that any future agreement would fall within the ambit of the principles of the United Nations Framework Convention.

The side event will address how future discussions in ADP need to address this challenge and the discussions will strive to reassert that without addressing equity, the challenge of climate change may not be resolvable and any mid- and long-term agreement will have to be embedded in a framework that recognizes that issues of equity and justice lie at the heart of the climate change problem.

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COP 18 enforces equity and equitable right to the atmosphere, says Sunita Narain, Director General of CSE
Doha will decide architecture of future climate negotiations, says Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director General of CSE

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Doha Diary

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Xie Zhenhua, head of the Chinese delegation at CoP18, Doha said today that finance is at the core of the issue -- without finance, adaptation and mitigation activities in developing nations cannot happen. There is a good news — discussions with ministers of developed nations are leading to an assurance that new finance could be announced during Doha. Mr Zhenhua refused to take names, as he believes the owner of the good news should be the one to announce it.

Press Release

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Press Release
CSE-MoEF Side Event at CoP 18 Doha
India should walk out of the Doha negotiations if equity is not made a part of the deal, says Sunita Narain in Doha


  The imperative of equity for an effective climate agreement
By: Sunita Narain, director-general, CSE


  US, Equity and the Elephants in the room
Sharing of the common atmospheric space has been at the core of discussions–the elephant in the room that we want to forget. It is what needs to be discussed, says Sunita Narain

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