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Diseases of a lifestyle: the transition to avoid

Can we not go from being poor but unhealthy to being rich and healthy? Why should we inherit diseases that can be junked? 

Tough problems need tough solutions

In spite of all the noise about air pollution, we are doing everything to make it worse

It’s that time of the year again

The air pollution concern is today widespread, but there is an incomplete agenda that needs further attention

E-vehicles or e-mobility?

India has unique reasons for faster adoption of electric vehicles, but we need to be bold and aggressive in our plans

Waste not the dissent

For so long we have used backyards of our cities as dumping grounds, but people in poor neighbourhoods are saying enough is enough

Old answers for ‘new’ monsoon

Mitigating floods and droughts has only one answer: obsessive attention to building millions and millions of connected and living water structures

Sin tax for redemption

The Goods and Services Tax of 40 per cent on “sugar-sweetened aerated and flavoured water” has a big bang impact on public health

We can’t afford to lose farmers

It is time we talked about the real cost of our food, about how to benefit the farmers who grow our food

How not to grow trees

Planting a tree is now bound up in so much restriction and red tape that it is not worth the effort

Food and dissent

Sunita Narain's response to the comments on her previous editorial "Why I would not advocate vegetarianism"

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