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Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Based on experiential learning methodology, the activity sheets invoke the inquisitive spirit of the child to go out and explore the world around. The activity sheets do not preach or give out any information but create the interest to seek information. The basic idea is to 'do and learn in the process'.

These activity sheets may be given to students as a playful activity or holiday homework. If you think the students have come up with some interesting information, please do share it with us.

Front Page Teaser: 

The monthly activity sheet talks about an activity a person/student may engage in to know more about an environmental issue.

Why talk about Glaciers?

Rivers of ice. Great walls of frozen snow that move— moulding and shaping the land as they go. Glaciers are certainly one of the most spectacular visions that our planet features. And pretty daunting to think of, too. Specially now—in peak winter!

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