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Honey Trade Gets Stickier

Indictment that all is not well with Indian honey

After an European Union ban on Indian honey and United States raising concerns on India's role in circumvention of Chinese honey, Indian honey industry could use some good news.

Pesticide Management Bill pushed for Winter Session

Re-look Reckoned

The Pesticide Management Bill, 2008 was scheduled to be tabled in the parliament during the monsoon session. But the Lokpal Bill, impeachment of a judge and debate on the validity of the appointment of a Lokayukta in Gujarat, the bill scheduled to be tabled on the first day of the parliament was given a miss. The Bill has now been pushed to the winter session.

Endosulfan Ban Continues

Supreme Court allows exports; sets out to chalk out disposal plans for the rest of the unused stock

No Facilities for Toxic Waste

Incinerator out of service

The Satyam in our oil

Which cooking oil is best for us? Why do I ask? Are we not bombarded with advertising messages telling us there is a healthy oil that is good for the heart? They talk of monounsaturated fatty acids (mufa), and polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufa) and of course, catch-us-words like omega properties.

Fat of the matter

What does 'healthy oil' really mean? It is difficult to tell.

The Centre for Science and Environment studied branded edible oils to understand what companies mean in their claims. It found the science to prove a cooking medium's healthiness just isn't there.


Lethal Games


Worse, and almost predictable now, the Indian government does not regulate or monitor the use of these inimical chemicals, putting children at risk.


Many a slip

Can India meet the 2012 deadline to provide safe drinking water to all rural homes?


The street fight

Three years have passed since the day we released our first study on pesticides. The government reduced excise duty on soft drinks in this year's budget.

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