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Wastewater Treatment Cost

Decentralised wastewater treatment systems

With the increasing urban population, there is a tremendous stress on basic amenities like water and sanitation. Sustainable wastewater management calls for a system where wastewater is regarded as a resource which can be recycled and reused. Both communities and watersheds require an integrated approach which is affordable, adaptable and responsive to local needs.

Cost estimation for planning and designing of decentralised wastewater treatment system

Decentralised wastewater treatment plant is a site-specific system. The different components of the system  settler , anaerobic baffled reactor , planted filter and polishing pond are planned and designed according to the treatment requirement of the wastewater generated. Average water consumption for domestic usage in India is 135 Lpcd.  80% of the water which is used or consumed for domestic purposes comes out as a wastewater. An on-site wastewater treatment plant like DWWT can be installed to treat and recycle this wastewater in order to close the loop.

RWH Trainings Programme

Training programmes focus on improving capacities and understanding of rainwater harvesting for municipal engineers under Centre of Excellence Programme of Ministry of Urban Development and general practising professionals of India and South Asia.

Course Module

Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Training Programs: Alumni

Trainings as COE and CCBP-NURM
Trainings for practising professionals in India South Asia training programmes
Training programmes for improving capacities and understanding of the practice for municipal engineers under Centre of Excellence Programme of MoUD
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The training programmes for improving the undertanding of the concept for engineers, architects, planners, contractors, researchers and activists. The training programmesaim at enhancing skill sets of practising professionals in the area of wastewater and to promote recycle and resuse of wastewater.
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