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City Action Plans

Campaigns on vehicular pollution

Nagrik Chetna Manch
Nagrik Chetna Manch is a non-political organization and open to all citizens that came into existence on August 15, 1991. The Manch seeks issue-based support from the media and the public and networks with other like-minded NGOs to lend force to issues that the Manch takes up.


Campaigns for bus and NMT users


Parisar is campaigning for sustainable urban transport. It has a special focus on walking and cycling facilities and promotion of public transport systems to alleviate the problems of congestion and pollution, and also help in dealing with issues such as climate change and dependence on imported fossil fuels.


Policy action

Policy is quintessential for action implementation. It is the government’s tool to ensure enforcement. To see what different cities are doing scroll down..


Pune is amongst the fastest growing cities in the county. During 1991-2001, its population increased by 50.08 percent. Pune uniquely remains a hub for students from all across the globe, and the growth centre of the IT sector. But with time it has lost its status as the cycle city and traffic congestion has become a serious problem for the city. Two-wheelers account for three fourth of the total vehicular fleet and pose a special challenge. 

Campaigns to reduce traffic congestion

Mumbai Environmental Social Network (MESN):
Started in 2005, it is primarily focused in providing discipline and governance oriented information and solutions to the growing traffic congestion.


Policy action

The city has implemented first generation reforms and clean fuel programs are running successfully. Many projects have been proposed to upscale the public transportation system in the city and the city’s future depends on the implementation and efficiency of these initiatives.
Action on vehicles


Mumbai on the West coast of India is the financial capital of India. The City has grown phenomenally over the years with several suburbs and extended suburbs being added to it. The city is bustling with over 18 million people. Add to this the growing number of immigrants and the pressure on transportation systems. The city has one of the best public transport systems, with a network of suburban railways, public bus, auto rickshaws, taxis, radio cabs. But these do not meet the growing demand for travel.

Air pollution crusader

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