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Green Buildings

Greening my home: How do I reduce my energy footprint?

Why we must think of energy efficient life style?

Construction industry in India is growing at a rate of 9.2 per cent per annum as against the world average of 5.5 per cent per annum. The construction industry is also nearly 10 percent of the GDP. It is one of the largest in terms of economic expenditure, use of raw materials and environmental impacts.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances: Look for energy label


Catching the sun?


How do I light my home?

Sustainable buildings, lifestyle and energy

Our personal choices about the level of comfort we want and the means of getting that comfort decides sustainability of our lifestyle. Our small decisions on -- how do we light and air condition our home, offices and shops, use water, dispose waste define livability.

Green CSE : Sustainable Habitat

At CSE, the function of buildings is primarily designed for in-house scientific and environmental research and publications on issues pertaining to the environment and development of national and international significance.

National mission on sustainable habitat

The national mission on sustainable habitat approved by Prime minister. It is one of the eight missions under national climate change action plan and aims to make cities sustainable through improvements in energy efficiency in buildings, management of solid waste & shift to public transport.

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Green buildings: how to redesign

There is a buzz about green buildings. But the question is: what does one mean by building green? And how does one design policies to make the green homes of our dreams?

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Water pricing can drive demand
Interview :R K Somany, chairperson of Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries Ltd that controls 40 per cent of branded sanitary ware market in India, spoke on promoting water efficiency. Excerpts

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Rate water fixtures for efficiency to cut wastage:

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