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CSE demands public consultation on fuel economy standards for cars to guard against weak standards pushed by the car industry
  • Car industry is trying to maintain a near status quo until 2015 and then improve marginally in 2020. Any laxity can seriously jeopardize energy security and climate mitigation plans

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Back to Square One: Climate talks remain deadlocked at Bangkok

Cancun euphoria fails to yield, power struggle stalls progress, US snub UNFCCC and its efforts to work out a legally binding emissions treaty

Delhi, April 8: US has staged a major U-Turn in the UNFCCC climate change meeting currently underway at Bangkok, leading to a virtual stalemate in the negations which even the euphoria and collective frenzy over Cancun Agreements last year could not resurrect.

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CSE responds to the endosulfan industry's bullying tactics

I thought I should let you know about the recent attacks against us by the pesticide industry. You will recall, we had way back in 2001 analyzed samples of soil, water and blood from Padre village in Kerala to check for contamination. We went there because local doctors and activists wrote about the horrific diseases and abnomalities in this region. We tested and found high levels of endosulfan pesticide.

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CSE welcomes environment ministry ‘no’ to Nirma factory in Gujarat

Calls the decision “timely” and “significant” for protecting water bodies

  • Union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) issues notification stopping work on cement factory being built in Bhavnagar.

  • Factory was being built over a water body used by farmers for irrigating their fields.

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Kolkata City Dialogue on Air Quality and Transportation Challenge: An Agenda For Action

The collaborative workshop on Air quality and transportation challenge: An agenda for action in Kolkata was a joint initiative of the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority, Kolkata and the New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment. Dialogue held on March 16, 2011 in Kolkata was attended by nearly 300 participants.

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Endosulfan Added to Trade "Watch List"

United Nations chemical experts have recommended endosulfan to be included in the Rotterdam Convention’s Prior Informed Consent procedure. 

Budget skirts the real issues, does not do enough for environmental concerns: CSE
  • Finance minister loses courage to put fiscal breaks on SUVs and diesel cars

  • Budget fails to put forward any new proposal to strengthen bus transport

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Customs and Central Excise withdraws controversial ad

Drink aerated drinks and do social service 

The Customs and Central Excise Department refrains from publishing its advertisement again which suggested that drinking aerated drinks was akin to social service as the central excise duty paid on these drinks was used to provide drinking water to millions.

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