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Rainwater Harvesting

Who can do it for you?


List of plumbers and masons

 New Delhi

The Shri Ram School's Rainwater Harvesting System

Madhu Bhatnagar of Shriram School, Vasant Vihar, receiving Rs 1 lakh special award for her initiatives in implementing and popularising rainwater harvesting in her school.


Jamia Hamdard University's Rainwater Harvesting System

Got 1st rank in Institutional category. Mr S. Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard University receiving Rs 2 Lakh award from Chief minister


Janki Devi Memorial College's Rainwaterharvesting System


Got 2nd rank in Institutional category. , Janki Devi Memorial College receiving Rs 1 Lakh award from Chief minister


Laws and policy city wise




New Delhi


How much will it cost to catch rain?

When community come together to harvest rain, the per-capita investment goes down. For instance, Panchsheel Park Colony about 1000 residents pooled in Rs 4.5 lakh to harvest more than 170 million litres of water annually.

Training Course on Urban Rainwater Harvesting

Every summer, there is a big hue and cry for drinking water in our cities. Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation is leading to overexploitation and pollution of water resources. It leads to scarcity of water. On the other hand our water demands are increasing day by day.

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Date: March 30 - April 3, 2010
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