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Water Management

Case Studies for Water Sensitive Design and Planning (WSDP)

Water Sensitive Design and Planning (WSDP) is an approach that integrates and optimizes use of available water source/resources within approach and completes water cycle by following considerations in planning and designing

Three day Knowledge Sharing Workshop cum Meeting with CSE and University of KwaZulu - Natal , Pollution Research Group

From left to right (Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla (Programme Director, CSE), Ms. Merlien Reddy (Sr. Lab Technician, UKZN PRG, Ms. Colleen Archer (Parasatologist, UKZN PRG and Mr. Bhitush Luthra, Sr. Research Associate, CSE)

On India Water Week, CSE talks of shit

How do cities dispose of excreta? What is the most sustainable way to do it? CSE-organised workshop attempts to look for answers

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