Monographs on vehicular pollution and mobility issues | Centre for Science and Environment

Monographs on vehicular pollution and mobility issues

  • Footfalls: Obstacle Course to Livable Cities (.pdf)
  • Choc-A-Block: Parking Measures to Address Mobility Crisis (.pdf)
  • Avert the great guzzle: Fuel Economy Regulations: Setting the Principles Right (.pdf)
  • Fuel adulteration report (.pdf)
  • Safety of CNG Buses in Delhi: Findings and Recommendations (.pdf)
  • Status of implementation of CNG as a fuel for urban buses in Delhi (.pdf)
  • The smokescreen of lies: Myths and facts about CNG (.pdf)
  • Engines of the Devil (.pdf)


  • Air pollution is the fifth largest killer and seventh biggest illness burden in India as estimated by the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) report. The speed at which urban air pollution is growing across our cities is alarming. Severe particulate pollution and newer pollutants like nitrogen oxides, ozone and air toxics are worsening the public health challenge. Vehicles are a special challenge as these are the fastest growing sources of air pollution.

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