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List of Participants

Year Month
2013 August 1- 30 Details of participants
2012-13 Dec 17, 2012- Jan 5, 2013 Details of participants
2012 August 1 - 30 Details of participants
Dec 19, 2011- Jan 6, 2012 Details of participants

August 1 - 30 Details of participants

Dec. 20,2010 - Jan. 7, 2011 Details of participants
2010 July 12-Aug 12 Details of participants
2009 March 9 - 30 image Details of participants
2008 March 10 - April 04 Details of participants
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  • Date:  September 8-10, 2014

    ‘Septage’ is both solid and liquid waste that accumulates in onsite sanitation systems (OSS) e.g. septic tanks. This has three main components – scum, effluent and sludge. It has an offensive odour, appearance and contains significant levels of grease, grit, hair, debris and pathogenic micro organisms. The construction and management of OSS are left largely to ineffective local practices and there is lack of holistic septage management practices.

  • Centre for Science and Environment recognises Social Impact Assessment (SIA) as an important tool to inform decision makers, regulators and stakeholders about the possible social and economic impacts of a development project. To be effective, SIA requires the active involvement of all concerned stakeholders.

  • Date: 15-26 September, 2014

    It goes unsaid that in order to improve environmental governance, the roles of efficient and worthy Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) along with an equitable growth through proper Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are indispensable. They are not merely tools to assess possible impacts and suggest mitigation for the environmental and social issues, but processes, which if done well, can yield unexpectedly positive results in the form of sustainable and equitable growth.

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