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Many a slip

Can India meet the 2012 deadline to provide safe drinking water to all rural homes?


The street fight

Three years have passed since the day we released our first study on pesticides. The government reduced excise duty on soft drinks in this year's budget.

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Pesticide residues in bottled water

Packaged drinking water or natural mineral water is everywhere. It is now available in pouches, cups, bottles and bulky transparent jars.


Leaky roof

Housing policy not driven by welfare

Real estate prices have hit the roof largely because of a lack of regulation in a housing sector ruled by speculators.

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Pact on POPs

India signs Stockholm Convention

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Endosulfan Conspiracy

It was in February 2001 that Down To Earth broke the story.

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Too hot to handle

It beats the poet's imagination. Jupiter's moon Io is the closest to the fire and brimstone of hell in the Bible.

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