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16 dead at Vizag Steel: CSE says tragedy inevitable because of the plant’s poor safety record

CSE’s Green Rating Project had warned Vizag Steel to shore up its safety measures

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India’s best iron and steel company gets average score; sector is rated poor

This core sector has a long way to go in meeting environmental norms, finds CSE green rating survey released on eve of World Environment Day

Environment|Green Rating Project|Green Rating Projects - CSE|India|Industrial Pollution|Industry|Iron And Steel Industry|Press Release
Patna drinks its own sewage, says urban water-wastewater study done by CSE

Patna, May 25, 2012: Patna suffers from a problem of plenty – of water and sewage. It depends on the Ganga and groundwater for drinking.

Excreta Matters|Water Management|Water Sewage|Excreta Matters|Press Release
CSE Press Release: Petrol price hike is 'mindless'

CSE slams petrol price hike as “mindless” as it does not narrow the price gap with diesel

  • This is leading to gross misuse of diesel by rich car owners and massive revenue losses to the government

  • The government should either ban use of diesel in cars or increase price of diesel and tax on diesel cars

Petrol pricing|Vehicle Technology and Fuel|Vehicle Technology and Fuel|Press Release
Parking: Multi-level dilemma

Lessons from Multi-Level Parking in Delhi
CSE calls for end to parking subsidies, an effective increase in parking charges, stringent enforcement and high penalties for violations.

Read full Report (pdf)

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Rs 80-crore parking facility in Sarojini Nagar draws very few cars, forces a rethink of Delhi’s parking policy: says CSE
  • CSE releases findings on parking in Sarojini Nagar and the lessons from it

  • Says without a clear strategy, expensive parking structures can neither reduce parking chaos nor parking demand

Parking Pricing|Public Transport and Mobility|Public Transport and Mobility|Press Release
Gurgaon is growing, but for how long?

CSE report on water-sewage management of Gurgaon says the city may soon be hit by the twin trauma of no water and overflowing sewage

Excreta Matters|Water Management|Water Sewage|Excreta Matters|Press Release
Watch out for what you eat. It could be killing you slowly and sweetly: says new CSE junk food and nutrition study
  • Most junk foods contain very high levels of trans fats, salts and sugar – which inevitably lead to severe ill health and diseases like obesity and diabetes
  • CSE lab tests 16 major brands of foods relished by people, particularly the young: Maggi and Top Ramen noodles, MacDonald’s foods, KFC’s fried chicken and Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia, among others
CSE Lab Study|Health Diseases|Junk Food|Junk Food|Press Release
Green - Building Rating: Overrated

Green Rating of Buildings Taking Roots

The idea of green rating of buildings has taken roots in India.

Sustainable Buliding|Story|Sustainable Building
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