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Centre for Science and Environment needs a Director for Water Programme

About CSE

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is an established policy research institution based in New Delhi, India since 1980.

CSE’s research, campaigns and publications are aimed at sustainable development and spreading mass awareness about the science of development and its environmental implications. We have several teams researching on - air, water, industry, climate change, food safety, environment education etc. Our teams are small but focused on the need to bring policy and practice change. 

About Water Programme:

This programme is a conglomeration of three aspects of water management: Urban Rainwater Harvesting, City water and waste water management and River Pollution

A brief about each aspect is as below:

a) Urban Rainwater Harvesting –  The Centre believes and propagates that capturing rain for storing or channelising the rain water for ground water recharge are the only sustainable solutions to beat the water crisis in dry less rainfed areas. The Centre conducts capacity building workshops for interested individuals, masons, engineers to implement rain water harvesting. CSE also offers free consultation on design of rainwater harvesting structures. As a part of this programme, protection and revival of lakes are also undertaken as potential rain water entrapment areas. This year the Centre plans to undertake study on Sustainability of water sources in rural areas as well.

b) City water and waste water management -  This programme tries to understand the city water supply and demand gap and the way to bridge the gap. The research looks at how to realistically calculate water demand, how to curtail leakages, how to structure a rational pricing system, how to manage sewage better and more cost-effectively and therefore, how to reduce pollution of water bodies and rivers. Capacity building workshops on design and building of waste water and sewage recycle structures are part of the programme.

c) River Pollution - Indian cities are not able to treat sewage and industrial waste and that this is leading to river pollution. Many are not connected to the formal sewage system. Our work on Yamuna has provided us insights into river pollution. We published the book, Sewage canal and used it for advocacy in Delhi and other cities using Yamuna. This year, the focus will be on the Ganga River Basin and work with the National Ganga River Authority to improve pollution control.

d) Conservation of lakes and wetlands - CSE has propounded conservation of lakes and wetlands since the mid1990s and continues to work on this to this day. This set of activities includes bringing out landmark publications such as Making Water Everybody's Business, Dying Wisdom and Excreta Matters, as well as several smaller briefing papers. This activity is aimed at policy change to preserve lakes and wetlands that are crucial for India's water security.

Policy advocacy, networking, outreach and capacity building are an integral part of all research programmes in CSE.

Candidate Profile

We are looking for a dynamic individual who can spearhead a team and give a holistic approach in dealing with water issues. Somebody who can take the research forward to the next level and give a new dimension to our  work on policy research and networking. Job will involve travel, policy research & reporting, coordination of networking, and conducting targeted training programmes. Understanding of national and international policies and practices in water & sanitation and pollution management is essential. Candidates should have good analytical and excellent written and spoken English skills.

Candidates with minimum 10 years of experience in similar field of work may apply.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and will match industry standards.

Email your applications to jgupta@cseindia.org


Post it to:

Ms. Jagdeep Gupta , Executive Director- Planning & Operations
Centre for Science and Environment
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area,
New Delhi – 110062.
Tel: 29956394/6339/5124 Fax: 29955879

N.P: Only short listed candidates will be informed.


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