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Into The Furnace


This latest book is on the environment status of the Indian Steel Sector.

Based on CSE's recent environmental rating done of major iron and steel plants of India, we have rated 21 top Indian steel companies in this book, from the Private as well as the Public Sector.

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Research Director: Chandra Bhushan
Team: Umashankar S (lead researcher), Sanjeev Kumar Kanchan,Kanchan Kumar Agrawal
ISBN: 978-81-86906-59-0
Price: Rs.7,500 (US $250)


  • Book Release: ‘Not in My Backyard’- 10th August, 2016, Guwahati, Assam

    What direction should waste management take in North East India? What does the future hold in store? Are landfills the answer? Is Waste-to-energy technology still a good bet? Why segregation is the key? These are some of the questions that come to our minds when thinking about the fragile ecosystem of North East India.

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