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CSE warns Delhi: Do not dismiss winter smog as an act of God
  • Delhi is used to winter smogs. But this year’s haze has been particularly severe because pollution levels in the city have gone up manifold – PM10 has increased by 47 per cent between 2000 and 2011, while nitrogen dioxide has gone up by 57 per cent

Air Quality Regulations|Delhi|Smogs|Press Release|Air Pollution
CSE welcomes Delhi High Court Judgment on Delhi BRT
  • Visionary judgment from the Delhi High Court upholds the principle of sustainable mobility

Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT)|High Court|Press Release|Air Pollution
‘Junk the junk food’: Rahul Bose, Sandeep Dikshit run to support CSE’s campaign to shun junk food in schools

Over 400 school and college students participate in Quarterathon for a cause of public health

CSE|Food and Toxins|Junk Food|Rahul Bose|Press Release|Food safety and toxins
CSE along with Jaipur Development Authority organised citizens' dialogue on air quality and mobility challenges in Jaipur

Jaipur’s air pollution has reached a ‘critical’ level, says latest CSE analysis

Growing vehicle numbers and resultant congestion to blame

Air Pollution|Air quality|Critical|Jaipur’s air pollution|Press Release|Air Pollution
Briefing workshop on New Paradigms of Urban Wastewater Treatment – Challenges and Options, Chittagong, Bangladesh

A joint initiative of Centre for Science and Environment, India and Chittagong City Corporation, Bangladesh

September 24, 2012

Chittagong City Corporation, Bangladesh

Bangladesh|Briefing Workshop|Decentralised Waste Water Treatment|Story
Change power generation configuration to stabilise the grid

By: Chandra Bhushan

Two consecutive days of grid collapse has left almost half of India’s population without power.

Power Generation|Power Grid|Renewable Energy|Story
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