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Caustic-chlorine sector: Under pressure


What would you say of an industry that takes common salt and turns it into one of the most environmentally deadly substances we know of today, namely chlorine?

And what if in its production process it uses yet another deadly substance, mercury? We are talking about India’s caustic-chlorine industry. Centre for Science and Environment’s (cse) Green Rating Project has recently completed the environmental rating of this sector’s life cycle.


  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a leading environmental research and advocacy organization in India. For more than a decade, we are working in the field of impact assessment and capacity building of regulators, industries, consultants and other stakeholders.  Our experience says that our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) framework has not been effective and failed to meet its objective of sustainable development. We understand that Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) is the right option which shall be adopted in environmental clearance process in India.

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