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On paper


The Green Rating Project (GRP) of the Centre for Science and Environment was conceived as a means to track the environmental performance of India’s key industrial sectors.

Its essence? There had to be a way civil society could provide — and make public — a scientific knowledge of, and a positive check on, the effects of industrialisation on the country’s natural resource base, and its people.

GRP has done exactly this, since its inception. In 1999, it rated the pulp and paper sector. In 2001 came the rating of the powerful automobile sector. In 2002 it grappled with the performance of the chlor-alkali sector.

And now, GRP rates the pulp and paper sector for the second time.

What follows is not a snap-shot. It is definitely not as short-term, or sensational, as an opinion poll. This rating benchmarks the present. Even as companies compete for leadership, and the top spot, it provides an empirical, verifiable measure of change.

And GRP-driven change has occurred. Cynics, prepare to be surprised...


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